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Thursday, June 18, 2020

How to search Job in Covid-19 situation - Job Tips

Are you sent off from jobs due to Covid-19 situation?  Are you lay off from your company due to Covid-19 situation? Here are some tips to search job in Covid 19 situation. Even most of the organizations are still recruiting people upon their requirement.So be confident even when you lost you jobs , there are multiple opportunities around us.

Search Job in Job Portals

Even our Jobatorium is a job portal working for you to get genuine ,legit jobs to your mobile in order have your economy in safe mode.
Do search Jobs in Job portals like Naukri, Monster etc , update your resumes everywhere also don't hesitate to apply jobs on the portal because there is an high possibility that they might contact you and offer you a beautiful job.

Join in Social Media

Do join in social media and always search for an opportunity, most of the people think that social media is a platform for entertainment but not like this, Social media is always providing opportunities to grow your economy. From CEOs to Team leader level are available in social media keep engaging with them and grab your opportunities once you see it.

Do Internships/contract jobs

In this pandemic situation , few of the organizations are announced for internships and contractual jobs, Don't hesitate to apply since you might get low salary but there is an high chance that you become permanent employee once the pandemic is over. Internships and contractual jobs are really helpful to improvise your experience over the jobs and it will become an added advantage if when you go to an another organization.

Be connect with friends

Last but not the least that always be connect with friends , always our friends will be our primary Job portal since we definitely have friends from various sector and they may working in various industries, so be connect with them ask for your opportunities  .

These are some few tips on how to search Job in Covid-19 situation, Don't get upset as i said earlier we have multiple opportunities around us.

Stay Safe!!! Be well!!!

-Jobatorium (A Job Hub)