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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

How to get an IT jobs in India 2020 ?

In this portion we are going to know about on how to get an IT jobs in India 2020,Most of the degree holders and Engineers are stubborn to go to only an IT job but they may failed in the interviewed.
Don't worry!!! We will see some steps today to get an IT jobs in India as a fresher.

Most of the points are already known by everyone but we are not following the same in correct way.
Okay let's discuss on the points to remember to get an IT job especially in India.


Most of the people are going to google and downloading a template and editing it with their information but that is not the only thing to do , Do remember that you are not the only person applying for the Job there might be multiple Resumes on the table . So always be unique with your Resumes.
  • Personalize your resumes
  • Be Unique 

Prepare well for technical interview

The next thing you have to watch out for is technical round, Interviewers will definitely check on your technical skills based on the core (Java,SQL,.net etc) they are recruiting.
  • Prepare more on Data structures and Algorithms
  • Practice algorithms before the interviews
  • Practice technical questions in front of mirror.


The candidates who have interview experience will definitely know about the importance of the Certification to clear the interview. We can have both international certificates and also some local certificates . Now we can learn through many platform and thanks to online courses which make our learning easy but the thing is to know whether it is a Valid certification to get a job in international company ? If we certified from Microsoft then it works else if we get a certification from an local institute may not work in international organizations.

  • Valid Certificate from recognized institute 

Specialized in one

Everyone has came across different subjects like C,C++,Java and so on but we need to be specialized at one single language and we need to be master at this one. We have learnt all the things for just exams sake but all we have that one subject that is close to heart and we are good in it where we need to focus and develop our skill to become master.


Here we are not going to speak about computer network rather we are going to speak about networking between people. Do create aware that you are completed your degree and searching for an IT job. Post you talents and profile in Linkedin not only in Linkedin you can post you profiles all over the social networks job sites etc, let people know that you are candidate waiting for an IT job and there is always people who are looking for candidates may have higher chance to pick you.

Do Internships

Internship is one of the main thing to develop yourself in the industry , you can get know what is going around the industry and can live with the machines for sometimes also get know on how to communicate with the clients. you can show this as an added advantage to the interviewer and the chance to select you will become more.
These are the things that we need to follow to attend and interview ,if you did all these things then we are certain that you will crack the interview also you cannot come again to see this post How to get an IT jobs in India 2020 ? Lol!!!

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