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Friday, May 29, 2020

Online Data Entry Job for smart phones - 2Captcha

In this tough situation most of them are quarantined in their home without any source of income , most of them are having smart phones and thinking about on how to earn some penny through their smart phone.

Today we came up with another legit online data entry job - 2 captcha .

We already did a content for legit online WFH typing job , please see here (BPO Mart) by the way.

Most of the internet surfers might definitely cross this in most of the site to solve dissorted numbers or clumsy images(see few samples below) for security purposes. So you get the get paid if you do the same thing in your computer , is that sounds good???is that interesting???
If yes, then you are the one for this job to earn some dollars for your pocket, As said in our previous post all legit job will not pay you huge but it will give you some decent amount if you spend your free time right way. The best thing here is you can earn through you smart phones as well since they are providing an android app for workers.

To register on 2captcha click here

During registration you will be asked to select the type of captcha we always recommend you to select simple captcha.

Once you signed in you will be asked to enter 45 sample captcha to test your speed and accuracy .

Do we need to install any software?
Not necessary but they are providing a Bot software , you can receive regular work and can earn more if you installed their software.

Payout method

Payment day
Weekly once

Minimum withdrawal

How much i can earn?
As per our analysis you can earn up to 5$ per day if you work for at least 5-6 hours.

we are working more to get new jobs to your desktop or smatphone, please share and comment below for any doubts.

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